Benefits of Membership

Becoming a PASD member helps you to expand your legal network, enhance your professional development and to stay connected with the San Diego probate practitioner community.

Our monthly Continuing Legal Education (CLE) luncheons are offered at a substantial discount to our members.

All past CLE Materials are available to members on the PASD Website.

Access to online directory of all members.

All members have access to the Probate Handbook

We offer committee membership opportunities and networking events.

The California Conference of Bar Associations (“CCBA”) advances and improves laws by promoting legislative changes and new laws through the participation of bar associations throughout the state. PASD’s annual participation at the CCBA conference is in furtherance of our mission to serve the public and legal profession by enhancing the practice of law in the areas related to and affecting Probate.  The PASD delegation works year-round to research, discuss and draft proposed resolutions to currently existing laws in an effort to improve and promote fair, effective, inclusive and consistent administration of justice.  The PASD delegation also spends countless hours reviewing, debating and preparing recommendations regarding the hundreds of proposed resolutions submitted by other delegations.  By participating in the CCBA conference, PASD continues to passionately advocate the advancement of issues and interests directly affecting the Probate community. 

Membership Types

PASD offers the following categories of membership: California Attorney Members,  Law Student Members and Affiliate Members.

Attorney Members: Any person who is an active member of the State Bar of California may apply to be a California Attorney Member of PASD. This includes law school faculty with active member status with the State Bar of California. California Attorney Members are entitled to vote and/or run for the PASD’s Board of Directors. California Attorney Members may also run for or be appointed to the position of a section, committee, or hold other leadership positions within PASD.
Law Students: Full time students enrolled in Law School.  Law Student Members are not eligible to vote and/or run for PASD’s Board of Directors.
Affiliate Members: Private professional fiduciaries, real estate agents, investment advisors, accountants, or any other professionals who work in the estates and trusts community may apply to be an Affiliate Member of PASD.  Affiliate Members are not eligible to vote and/or run for PASD’s Board of Directors.
Annual Dues:
  • Attorney Member $120
  • Law Students $25
  • Affiliate Member $160
Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30.