Membership FAQ

Why should I join PASD?

Membership in PASD can help you grow your legal skills and gain a competitive advantage. PASD is dedicated to providing members with resources to help them become better legal professionals while assisting with advocacy in San Diego’s probate courts.  Joining PASD provides regular networking opportunities with others in the legal probate community.

How can PASD save me money?

PASD offers members significant discounts on CLE, some of which are required for maintaining specialist certifications to Members. PASD members are also eligible for discounts from selected vendors.

Who can join PASD?

Membership in PASD is open to lawyers in good standing with the State Bar of California, full time law students and professionals who work in the estates and trusts community 

The PASD annual membership year is from July 1 through June 30. 

How much does it cost to join PASD?

PASD offers the following categories of membership: California Attorney Members,  Law Student Members and Affiliate Members.

Attorney Members: Any person who is an active member of the State Bar of California may apply to be a California Attorney Member of PASD. This includes law school faculty with active member status with the State Bar of California. California Attorney Members are entitled to vote and/or run for the PASD’s Board of Directors. California Attorney Members may also run for or be appointed to the position of a section, committee, or hold other leadership positions within PASD.
Law Students: Full time students enrolled in Law School.  Law Student Members are not eligible to vote and/or run for PASD’s Board of Directors.
Affiliate Members: Private professional fiduciaries, real estate agents, investment advisors, accountants, or any other professionals who work in the estates and trusts community may apply to be an Affiliate Member of PASD.  Affiliate Members are not eligible to vote and/or run for PASD’s Board of Directors.
Annual Dues:
  • Attorney Member $120
  • Law Students $25
  • Affiliate Member $160
Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30.