PASD is pleased to offer multiple opportunities for you to sponsor our events and programs and thereby raise the awareness of PASD’s members as to your company or business, and the services you may provide to San Diego probate attorneys and other professionals or businesses closely connected with the Probate community.  PASD has an active mailing list of over 700 people. We are open to discussing other sponsorship opportunities with you if none of the following options meet your needs. To enquire about sponsorship email [email protected] or call 619-929-2981.

Sponsorship Info


Monthly Education Programs

Each month, PASD presents a relevant topic for San Diego's probate community over the lunch hour or in the evening using speakers who are informed on the relevant topic. Attendees receive valuable information as well as continuing education credit. Typically, between 100 and 125 members attend each program event.


Membership Mixer

Usually held in June or July, this event is an appreciation/networking mixer held at a local restaurant and allows the members to connect with each other in an informal setting, as well as meet the PASD Directors. This event is typically attended by approximately 50 to 75 people.

Annual Awards Dinner (“Prom”)

Usually held in October or November each year this is a dinner dance event where the PASD members can enjoy good food, music, drinks and dance away their concerns. In the past, the Probate Judges have taken the opportunity at this event to recognize a worthy PASD member for his or her outstanding service to the Probate community and presented the member with the annual Judges’ Award. Attendance at this event is between 250 and 300 people.


Court Appointed Attorney Training

Usually held in December, this is an annual event and provides the attendees with 6 hours of continuing education credit. Various topics are presented by multiple speakers on the subjects of Conservatorships and Guardianships. Court-appointed attorneys are encouraged to attend so they have up-to-date information about Court procedures and rules related to the difficult task of acting as a court-appointed attorney for a Conservatee or Ward. This event is usually attended by over 100 people.


Judges/Examiners Annual Update

This 2-3 hour event will be held at the beginning of the 2020 calendar year. The Probate Judges and Probate Examiners enlighten probate attorneys, fiduciaries or other interested persons of the changes to the Probate Code and Local Rules, and how those changes might affect the procedures, protocols or practices  used by the San Diego Probate Court. Breakfast is served and over 250 persons attend this event.  


Probate Handbook

Every two years, PASD updates and publishes the Probate Handbook for Executors, Administrators and Personal Representatives. The Probate Handbook was compiled by PASD and each of the chapters were authored and edited by esteemed attorneys within the local community of probate practitioners. The Handbook is a valuable resource during the administration of a probate for use by self-represented parties, new attorneys and/or attorneys who do not customarily practice in the San Diego Probate Court. Each member of PASD receives a digital copy of the updated Probate Handbook. Digital or paper copies of the Handbook can be purchased by members of the public for a fee.


California Conference of Bar Associations (CCBA)

Every year, delegates from various legal bar associations attend to discuss and implement proposed new legislation potentially affecting probate attorneys. PASD’s delegation continues to successfully propose legislative amendments for consideration at this annual conference. This sponsorship helps defray the cost of the PASD delegates attending the annual conference and pay for the annual PASD t-shirt that is proudly worn at the conference. Annually, PASD creates a t-shirt for its members that sports a fun saying related to the practice of probate.